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Change your garage door bearings

On the garage door you have a torsion system that lifts the weight of the door.

In that system there are 3 bearings that you need to replace: 2 end bearings and a center bearing.

When you have a broken spring you are asked to change the bearings, if you for some reason do not want to spend the extra money to change them, it cod cost you more money down the road.

A worn-out bearing will make a lot of noise. Most are sealed bearings that you can't put any grease on them. In severe cases it will stop moving and make the tosion system crash.

That's how you get the magical hung door or door off track. Nothing was on the way of the garage door but you still have a garage door off track. Now the garage door is hanging o n one side, it won't go up or down and now you need a garage door ASAP.

Save your self a headache and always change your garage door bearings.

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