The Spring is a major component in operating your garage door. It holds all the weight of the garage door. In case of an emergency like a power outage you can open the door manually.


We install and replace new openers with the best in the industry.


By making this simple upgrade on your garage door, it will make it roll better and quieter giving longevity to your gargage door and opener.


Frayed or damaged cables are in danger of breaking and could cause serious damage to the door, car or anything on its path including personal injury. Always check cables.

By upgrading your Drums (where the cable travels) your door will be more secure and will be very unlikely you would have a hung door or crash door because of slack in cables. Simple upgrades can prevent a lot of headaches.

Have a Professional do a yearly 25 point inspection and maintenance on your garage door to keep it in shape.

Residential Garage Door Installation and much more !

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“Very knowledgeable and professional. They came in because my door would not open. After calling them I received a call from the technician and got here on time. He immediately knew what the problem was and showed me the broken spring. I will use them again.

Mary Esther, Tucson, AZ

“Door was making a lot of noise and I was concern it will fall on the car. After calling Monkey Garage the technician did a yearly maintence and upgraded the rollers and now I hardly even hear the door opening or closing. Thanks guys!”

Robert, Tucson, AZ

“My motor quit and needed to replace it. I don't have time to do it myself so I called the monkeys and they got here quick! They had everything on the truck and did the work fast. Next time I will call this guys to save time and headaches.”

Juan Rodriguez, Tucson, AZ