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Make Your Garage Door Great Again

Call Us for a Free Inspection.

We Service Garage Door from a yearly maintenance which consists of lubrication of all moving parts, making sure the torsion system has the right tension on the springs, check if the door is balanced, and making sure the opener has the right travel and force settings. If you need a wireless keypad or remote control programmed we can do that as well.

The most common problem people have is a broken spring. The Spring holds the weight of the door, so if you notice the door only going up about a foot. Close the door and Call us. You might have a broken spring and if you continue to push it to see if it will go up, you are putting too much force on the opener and can cost more damages.

Another common problem is Opener not closing. The best thing to do is to make sure nothing is on the way. If that doesn't work the sensors might be misalign. Still not working? Give us a call it might be a bigger problem.

We also replace cables on your garage door. If your door is more than 10 years old, it is recommended for security to replace cables. Please don't try to replace them yourself, Call us and let a trained professional loosen a 180lbs plus of force in the torsion system.

We fix misalign doors, hung doors, doors off track and some crash doors.

Installation of openers, either to replace one or to upgrade to a better and quieter opener.

Installing New Garage Doors. Replacing it from an old garage door, a not fixable garage door, upgrade garage door with windows or insulation or a better look.

You always have lots of options: from different companies to different services.

We hope you choose Us.

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