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Broken Spring

The work of a carport is great but complicated. It is a machine that weighs an average of 300 pounds, so imagine the danger that can cause your family if it should fail. A very important part of the garage is the spring. There are two types of springs: spring extension: old models (which are placed on either side of the door above the rail which is connected to the roof) and tension springs: The most common (they are located above the garage door, usually in the center). To repair or replace the problem is better to talk to an expert in garages like us. It is not worth getting hurt trying to fix something that we can do at a good price and guaranteed. Many people ignore the tension that each spring: as an example suppose your door weighs 300 pounds and has two springs. if a spring is broken by too much stress, either by normal use or incorrect springs, it means that the other spring has a tension over 150 pounds. By trying to repair without the proper tools, it can cause a lot of damage (we, the technicians, have all heard horror stories of people trying to save money and spend more on medical expenses). A trained technician can repair or replace the spring following safety standards to protect your home, family and health of the technician. It is recommended to have two springs to extend the life of the springs. Also as a form of security, because if a spring breaks, in an emergency you can still lift the garage door (perhaps with help) to get the car out. It is also recommended to replace the two springs even though only one is broken, the other spring is either old or weak and it loses its strength. And almost always the new spring will brake the old one by force. As technicians, we must weigh the door to see what kind of spring is needed. When a garage is fully balanced, you should be able to lift with one hand and should stay wherever you put it, this is in manual mode only. A garage should not open by itself in manual mode and not very heavy you need two hands or two people to open it. If the garage is too light or too heavy, it can cause damage to the opener. I hope this information helps you. You can contact us:

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Broken Spring

Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Galvanized Spring

Broken Galvanized Garage Door Spring

Broken Low Cycle Spring

Broken Low Cycle Torsion Spring

Broken Low Cycle Garage Door Spring

Broken Low Cycle Garage Door Torsion spring

Broken High Cycle Spring

Broken High Cycle Garage Door Spring

Broken Oil Tempered Spring

Broken Oil Tempered Garage Door Spring

Broken Oil Tempered High Cycle Spring

Broken High Cycle Oil Tempered Garage Door Spring

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