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Garage Door Repair

There are multiple things that can go wrong with your garage door.

One of the most common ones is having a broken spring. After years of use the spring breaks under extreme tension and is no longer able to do it’s job which is to lift the garage door.

Another common problem is having a weak panel. We can put a reinforcement bracket to help keep the panel straight.

Another common problem is no signal on remotes. Most of the time is a bad circuit board on the opener. We can fix this by replacing the bad part (if they are still available).

Another common problem is a noisy door. With the recent humidity it makes hinges really noisy. We can fix that by putting some lubricant on the hinges and rollers or even better upgrade your rollers for nylon with ball bearings.

We do garage door repairs when they are broken.

We also service garage doors to make them last longer.

Call us for a free safety inspection (520)848-6989

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